Step 1: Dive into Our Magical Store

Begin your adventure by exploring our range of enchanting products. From the shimmering Golden Elf Pen to the sleek Lucky Elf T-shirt, there’s a treasure waiting for every elf enthusiast.


Step 2: Choose Your Prize

Every product comes with the thrill of a potential prize. Whether it’s an Apple Bundle, a trip to Dubai, or a sleek Rolex, the magic doesn’t end with your purchase.


Step 3: Add to Your Cart

Found something you love? Add it to your cart and donate for an extra ticket then proceed to checkout. Remember, every purchase is not just a product; it’s a ticket to a world of surprises.


Step 4: Register & Win

Registering gives you a chance to win even before your product arrives. With prizes like $500 up for grabs, there’s no reason to wait!


Step 5: Track Your Prize

Keep an eye on the number of tickets sold for each product. The more tickets sold, the closer you are to the prize announcement!


Step 6: Join the Elf Community

Stay updated with our upcoming campaigns, new product launches, and winner announcements. Follow us on social media and become a part of The Lucky Elf family.